Brawl Stars Animation - Train to Nowhere

2022 ж. 25 Қаз.
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  • How it feels trying to protect your duo showdown partner

  • I love how they made edgar a clown

  • Those Comic Books type of animations are being my favorite art style so far! It fits the new brawl pass themes and the lore of the newer cromatic brawlers so well! Awesome work as always Supercell!

    Pedro F S GomesPedro F S Gomes
  • OK so I wanted to say this earlier but completely forgot. When I saw this, my mind went straight to Buster's description of how he wishes to be an action hero in his own blockbuster film. Well, that being said, imagine if this entire thing was just Buster's imagination. He had seen Gus go out in front of the train and he wanted to save him, like a hero would in a film. But instead of doing it, he had imagined how it would look - similar to how when you're listening to songs and imagine yourself in a music video. It's just the first thing that came to mind.

  • Supercell never disappoint us with their animations ❤️

  • I feel bad for Buster. He saved Gus and Gus didn't even care.

  • Honestly, HUGE respect for buster, he gave up all his things almost instantly to help gus, and he fought his way through the entire train just for Gus's protection! What a absolute legend👑👑👑👑

    William LeylandWilliam Leyland
  • This animation style is so well-made just like the others!

    Randomness AnimationRandomness Animation
  • Man, these animations are SO good! Props to Supercell for putting actual effort to these!

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  • Ждём Клоуна-Эдгара, это будет слишком хорошо :)

  • This animation goes on for a minute and a half, and the action in it is like in a full-length film, that's what I understand, cool :0

    Мария АндрееваМария Андреева
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  • Brawl Stars animations would be such a good series! i hope Spike is going to be okay, he's the cutest🥺🌵Starr Park's logo has been spotted quite a few times so i wonder if they've returned or going to return soon, would be interesting to see more lore 🤔

    isabella - brawl starsisabella - brawl stars
  • I love these animations :') I know they calculate everything very well and they make decisions based on numbers, so I hope their number someday tells them that it's time to make a movies ❤️

    The soul of a mortalThe soul of a mortal
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  • The newest skin for colette actually makes me wanna play for power league more than just because

  • Даже разрабы шарят (

  • Clown Edgar and X-ray Primo?

  • This animation is so well made and funny at the same time because it's all about ghosts, Gus and the new brawler Buster.

    Keanu JonesKeanu Jones